What is The PT Initiative?

The PT Initiative was created out of a desire to see all health and fitness professionals grow in both knowledge and success in delivering results to their clients. The PTI is founded on the conviction that trainers and coaches are often the “first line of defense” in helping people live healthy and injury-free lives. This is both a high honor and great responsibility. As professionals we need to consistently grow in our craft and seek to provide the highest level of service to our clients. That is what The PT Initiative is all about!

My name is Adam McCluskey. I have been in the trenches of the health and fitness world since the day I graduated college. Experiencing everything from having almost no clients at a “big box” gym, to owning my own private training studio, I have learned a few things that I really want to share with you all. I trained clients as a Corrective Exercise Specialist for years, and have now transitioned into a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in Southern California.

My hope is that you find this website to be a helpful resource for everything from optimal exercise prescription to training business success.

Thanks for stopping by!

Adam McCluskey

+ Founder of The PT Initiative

+ Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate

+ Corrective Exercise Specialist