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Why this Supraspinatus Exercise is Critical For Your Shoulder Health

supraspinatus exercise

The supraspinatus is just one of your four rotator cuff muscles, and it happens to be the most commonly injured of all of them. The goal of your rotator cuff is to function as a unit to keep your arm secure in your shoulder joint. While each of the four contribute in different ways to […]

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Amazing Neck Stretch That Most People Do Incorrectly

best levator scap stretch

Tightness in the neck is something almost everyone has experienced. If you work long hours at a computer, you are no stranger to feeling stiff in your upper back and neck. It’s so easy to slouch forward. You notice your shoulders are rounded and elevated, your head is jutting forward, and your core is almost […]

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How to Improve Your Bench Press and Save Your Shoulders

improve your bench press

Some call the start of the lifting week Monday, others call it International Chest Day. I love pushing heavy weight on the bench as much anyone, but too often I hear gym goers complain of their shoulders hurting while benching. This exercise and shoulder pain do NOT have to go together. So lets talk about some practical […]

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8 Unconventional Exercises For Strong and Healthy Shoulders

Strong and healthy shoulders

In the gym it’s pretty common that I see people rub the front of their shoulder after bench pressing, or end a set of overhead presses early because of a pinch in their shoulder. It happens all of the time. Maybe you can relate? For most gym goers, something in their shoulder starts to feel “off” long […]

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Ultimate Guide To Personal Training Evaluations

Personal Training Evaluations

Why Personal Training Evaluations are SO Important! As trainers we should never have a one-size-fits-all approach. Each client is different, and has unique goals, strengths, and movement patterns. This is why an initial consultation and evaluation are necessary for every potential client we meet with. There are two main goals of all successful personal training evaluations: 1) Understand […]

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4 Reasons to Cut Shrugs from Your Workouts

shrugs shoulder pain lower traps

It’s not uncommon to find a couple of gym bros loading up a bar at any given time, preparing to shrug an obscene amount of weight. I mean, this is how you build traps that could catch a bear, right? Well that depends on a TON of different factors. Two of the primary ones being posture […]

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