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behind the neck exercises safe

Are Behind The Neck Exercises Safe?

Which Behind the Neck Exercises Specifically? The two primary behind the neck exercises I am discussing here are the barbell press and the pulldown. I typically see more of the old-school crowd doing these, but it’s appeal crosses all age barriers. Whether you are a fan of these movements or not, I think you will…

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Advanced Core Exercise

Try This Advanced Core Exercise

Give this advanced core exercise a try! As you may know, I am an advocate of core stabilizing exercises over hip flexor dominant moves. In my experience, our clients benefit MUCH more from exercises that create strength and stability around the spine. There is also science that proves my point, which you can read about here.…

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Foam Rolling IT Band

Stop Foam Rolling the IT Band

Foam Rolling The IT Band: This is probably the most popular use of the foam roller. The goal is to “loosen up” that stiff connective tissue on the outside of the thigh. Especially if you are a runner, foam rolling the IT band is likely in your mobility routine. I used to have many of…

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Advanced Personal Trainer

3 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Squat Form

We all know the squat is the king of exercises. It’s a compound movement working your largest muscle groups, it has a huge metabolic demand, and is the foundation of better performance. Yet, as a trainer, this can be the hardest exercise for our clients to master. So I wanted to give you my 3 best tips to…

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more clients into my gym

5 Most Effective Ways To Get More Personal Training Clients

When I first started working at a bigger commercial gym, I would be there before the sun came up and long after it was dark outside. I talked to anyone and everyone on the gym floor, because people told me this was the key to get personal training clients quickly. Don’t get me wrong, it is…

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Rotator cuff training

Why ALL of Your Clients NEED Rotator Cuff Training

Sometimes I feel like this group of muscles gets overcomplicated and misunderstood. It usually only gets any attention in the gym world when we are discussing a strain or tear. As trainers, we know the rotator cuff is an important group of muscles, but where does it fit into a weight loss client’s exercise prescription?…

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