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Do I need another personal training certification?

Why You Don’t Need Another Certification

Will another personal training certification course be the thing that sets me apart? Maybe I should get TRX certified? What about a nutrition certification? I have asked myself all of these questions many times. When business slowed down, this would be one of the first things I looked into. I thought if I was an expert…

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How to foam roll

Foam Rolling Techniques For Better Performance

Here is a quick guide to proper foam rolling techniques and how it can help improve your client’s performance. Foam rollers have become pretty commonplace in the fitness world. Most gyms have plenty of them lying around and if you are using one regularly, good job! But I want to make sure your clients are all using the proper…

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Rethinking Abdominal Exercises

What Science Actually Says About Ab Exercises

Let’s talk about prescribing abdominal exercises as personal trainers. Every client wants to see their abs, and most trainers use this as a selling point (not necessarily a bad thing). When you are discussing your clients goals they may say something like, I want to tighten my tummy, lose the belly fat, or see my abs.…

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