improving your pull ups

Three Key Exercises to Improving Your Pull Ups

The pull up is a fantastic display of upper body strength. Getting that first one was a goal of many of my clients. It typically seemed like a far fetched goal to them, having tried and failed many times. When we would attempt an assisted pull up, most of them showed the same errors in their form.…

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hip strengthening

Weak Hips Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

Where you feel pain and discomfort is not always the source of that pain. For example, many knee problems are actually a result of dysfunction at the hips or feet. Looking at joints above and below the location of the issue can often lead you to the true source. If you have experienced localized, non-traumatic, low…

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Rotator Cuff Strength

How to Build Rotator Cuff Strength and Stability

The rotator cuff is a very misunderstood group of muscles. We all know that it’s somewhere in the shoulder and is frequently injured, but it usually gets hazy when trying to create a specific plan to build functional rotator cuff strength. Understanding what the rotator cuff is designed to do can help us design an effective plan…

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Why this Supraspinatus Exercise is Critical For Your Shoulder Health

The supraspinatus is just one of your four rotator cuff muscles, and it happens to be the most commonly injured of all of them. The goal of your rotator cuff is to function as a unit to keep your arm secure in your shoulder joint. While each of the four contribute in different ways to…

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best levator scap stretch

Amazing Neck Stretch That Most People Do Incorrectly

Tightness in the neck is something almost everyone has experienced. If you work long hours at a computer, you are no stranger to feeling stiff in your upper back and neck. It’s so easy to slouch forward. You notice your shoulders are rounded and elevated, your head is jutting forward, and your core is almost…

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improve your bench press

How to Improve Your Bench Press and Save Your Shoulders

Some call the start of the lifting week Monday, others call it International Chest Day. I love pushing heavy weight on the bench as much anyone, but too often I hear gym goers complain of their shoulders hurting while benching. This exercise and shoulder pain do NOT have to go together. So lets talk about some practical…

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