Strong and healthy shoulders

8 Unconventional Exercises For Strong and Healthy Shoulders

In the gym it’s pretty common that I see people rub the front of their shoulder after bench pressing, or end a set of overhead presses early because of a pinch in their shoulder. It happens all of the time. Maybe you can relate? For most gym goers, something in their shoulder starts to feel “off” long…

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Personal Training Evaluations

Ultimate Guide To Personal Training Evaluations

Why Personal Training Evaluations are SO Important! As trainers we should never have a one-size-fits-all approach. Each client is different, and has unique goals, strengths, and movement patterns. This is why an initial consultation and evaluation are necessary for every potential client we meet with. There are two main goals of all successful personal training evaluations: 1) Understand…

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what the core muscles are

Truth About What The Core Muscles Are and How To Train Them

“Core training” has become a fitness buzzword. It’s now a catch-all term for anything between the chest and hips, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For one, our clients are now more aware that core strength is important. While their understanding might be shaky, they know now that their core muscles need to be strong for…

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important muscles for personal trainers

You Need To Start Training These 3 Muscles Today!

The Most Important Muscles For Personal Trainers: But first, why is knowing the anatomy so important for a trainer? The human body is an incredible thing. So many distinct parts have to function together in order to move efficiently. Without knowing what parts should be doing the moving, how can we coach our clients on how to…

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benefits of training serratus anterior

The Huge Benefits of Training Serratus Anterior

Why The Serratus Is SO Important: The benefits of training serratus anterior are almost endless. It is one of the most important muscles of the shoulder complex. It’s essential for a strong bench press, and basically every overhead exercise known to man. Still, in the fitness world, it gets treated like Kevin in Home Alone.…

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successful as a new personal trainer

How to Be Successful as a New Personal Trainer

Starting out as a trainer can be really tough. The long hours, cancelled sessions, and sales quotas can take you by surprise. Becoming successful as a new personal trainer is hard work, but not impossible. I got into this field because I love being active, and want I to help as many people as possible…

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