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Strong and healthy shoulders

8 Unconventional Exercises For Strong and Healthy Shoulders

In the gym it’s pretty common that I see people rub the front of their shoulder after bench pressing, or end a set of overhead presses early because of a pinch in their shoulder. It happens all of the time. Maybe you can relate? For most gym goers, something in their shoulder starts to feel “off” long…

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shrugs shoulder pain lower traps

4 Reasons to Cut Shrugs from Your Workouts

It’s not uncommon to find a couple of gym bros loading up a bar at any given time, preparing to shrug an obscene amount of weight. I mean, this is how you build traps that could catch a bear, right? Well that depends on a TON of different factors. Two of the primary ones being posture…

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upright rows bad

The Real Reason Upright Rows Are Bad For Your Shoulders

This is an area of huge controversy in the fitness and bodybuilding world. Are upright rows bad for your shoulders? The answer is not a simple yes or no, because like most things it depends on certain variables. Since we are working with people of all exercise backgrounds and lifestyles, it’s hard to say that one…

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what the core muscles are

Truth About What The Core Muscles Are and How To Train Them

“Core training” has become a fitness buzzword. It’s now a catch-all term for anything between the chest and hips, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For one, our clients are now more aware that core strength is important. While their understanding might be shaky, they know now that their core muscles need to be strong for…

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important muscles for personal trainers

You Need To Start Training These 3 Muscles Today!

The Most Important Muscles For Personal Trainers: But first, why is knowing the anatomy so important for a trainer? The human body is an incredible thing. So many distinct parts have to function together in order to move efficiently. Without knowing what parts should be doing the moving, how can we coach our clients on how to…

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personal trainers use machines

Should Personal Trainers Use Machines?

 Are the days of personal trainers using machines on their way out? It has become much more common for large chain gyms to have a dedicated “personal training zone”. This is usually an open space with some kettlebells, suspension trainers, and Bosu balls. This is great for trainers in many ways. It typically puts you and your clients…

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