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Amazing Neck Stretch That Most People Do Incorrectly

best levator scap stretch

Tightness in the neck is something almost everyone has experienced. If you work long hours at a computer, you are no stranger to feeling stiff in your upper back and neck. It’s so easy to slouch forward. You notice your shoulders are rounded and elevated, your head is jutting forward, and your core is almost […]

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How to Improve Your Bench Press and Save Your Shoulders

improve your bench press

Some call the start of the lifting week Monday, others call it International Chest Day. I love pushing heavy weight on the bench as much anyone, but too often I hear gym goers complain of their shoulders hurting while benching. This exercise and shoulder pain do NOT have to go together. So lets talk about some practical […]

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The Huge Benefits of Training Serratus Anterior

benefits of training serratus anterior

Why The Serratus Is SO Important: The benefits of training serratus anterior are almost endless. It is one of the most important muscles of the shoulder complex. It’s essential for a strong bench press, and basically every overhead exercise known to man. Still, in the fitness world, it gets treated like Kevin in Home Alone. […]

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Stop Foam Rolling the IT Band

Foam Rolling IT Band

Foam Rolling The IT Band: This is probably the most popular use of the foam roller. The goal is to “loosen up” that stiff connective tissue on the outside of the thigh. Especially if you are a runner, foam rolling the IT band is likely in your mobility routine. I used to have many of […]

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3 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Squat Form

Advanced Personal Trainer

We all know the squat is the king of exercises. It’s a compound movement working your largest muscle groups, it has a huge metabolic demand, and is the foundation of better performance. Yet, as a trainer, this can be the hardest exercise for our clients to master. So I wanted to give you my 3 best tips to […]

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Foam Rolling Techniques For Better Performance

How to foam roll

Here is a quick guide to proper foam rolling techniques and how it can help improve your client’s performance. Foam rollers have become pretty commonplace in the fitness world. Most gyms have plenty of them lying around and if you are using one regularly, good job! But I want to make sure your clients are all using the proper […]

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