Do I need another personal training certification?

Why You Don’t Need Another Certification

Will another personal training certification course be the thing that sets me apart? Maybe I should get TRX certified? What about a nutrition certification? I have asked myself all of these questions many times. When business slowed down, this would be one of the first things I looked into. I thought if I was an expert in a certain new training tool, my business would explode. Here is what I learned, and I hope you can take something from this as well.

Your clients probably don’t know anything about specialized personal training certifications! As an
educated and informed personal trainer, a new certification means a lot. You have added more tools to your training tool belt. This is 100% true and valid. The question you have to ask yourself is, “How much value do these letters add to me as a trainer?” When people see my name and credentials on paper, are they compelled to train with me because I am now the expert on their issue? For some certifications the answer may be “yes”. If so, you should seriously consider it. For me the NASM Corrective Exercise Do I need another personal training certification?Specialist was one I thought actually added that value. In reality, the title was not the true value added, but it was the knowledge and confidence gained. My clients didn’t know what CES behind my name meant, but the quality of training I was able to give them meant everything. These titles aren’t magic, and they usually have a steep price tag. So think carefully before handing over your credit card.

The best advice I can give you is to use all of the free and/or affordable educational resources available. This is the main reason I started this blog. The fitness industry is filled with companies charging 500 dollars for a printable advanced personal training certification that your clients have probably never heard of. Sure you learn some good stuff getting that cert, but is that the only way to gain knowledge? I started writing these articles to offer a free resource to good trainers like yourself, so that you can provide the best possible results to your clients. These are all things I wished I knew from day one. Go online or to a bookstore and study, in-depth, some anatomy textbooks.

Mastery of human anatomy is an irreplaceable foundation of any successful personal trainer.

Study every book on human movement you can find. Look up research articles. These will all build extreme confidence and competence in you as a fitness professional.

Your clients will notice your knowledge and expertise, and that will bring tremendous value to your training business, without the $500 price tag. I hope that this blog can be one of those resources you use frequently. My goal is to make you more successful and bring your clients better results.

So the next time you are contemplating another personal training certification, I hope you will consider the resources already available to you, and maximize the value they can provide!

Thanks for reading!


(P.S. – To any aspiring personal trainers, you must first become a certified personal trainer. This article is directed to current CPT’s, etc… looking into further credentialing.)

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Adam McCluskey

Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer