Personal Training Evaluations

Ultimate Guide To Personal Training Evaluations

Personal Training Evaluations

Why Personal Training Evaluations are SO Important!

As trainers we should never have a one-size-fits-all approach. Each client is different, and has unique goals, strengths, and movement patterns.

This is why an initial consultation and evaluation are necessary for every potential client we meet with.

There are two main goals of all successful personal training evaluations:

1) Understand your client’s goals in order to tailor their workout plan.

Without completely understanding their goals, you will have a hard time getting clients to commit to training with you.

This is what makes certain trainers “good at sales”.

It’s not as much being a good salesman as it is connecting with your potential client. When you begin to consistently understand their real goals and desires, you will naturally get much better at selling personal training.

Furthermore, when you understand your potential client, you can be more effective at tailoring a plan to fit their needs.

Nobody wants to get cookie-cutter workouts, especially when they are paying for personal training.

Use the information you get in the evaluation to customize a plan specifically for your client. Let them know you’re going to do this, and explain why it is critical for their success.

2) Show them you are the expert that will help them reach those goals.

If the evaluation is done well, there will be multiple opportunities for you to show your expertise.

Your clients don’t want an arrogant know-it-all, but they absolutely want a competent trainer.

Use your knowledge to provide valuable information in manageable doses.

By doing this, you position yourself as the expert that can help them achieve their goals.

Components of a Great Personal Training Evaluation:

A Well-Executed Initial Consultation

Getting in front of your potential client for the first time is a huge step! If they are willing to sit down and talk, chances are they are at least a little interested in training with you.

This is not the time to show how great and talented you are. The initial consult is about them.

I have found that every initial consultation should include these three aspects:

1) Ask meaningful questions

Be purposeful in your questions. The goal is to connect with your client, notPersonal Trainer Evaluations check off boxes on a form.

Ask them questions that help you realize what their true goals are.

The more superficial and removed you are, the less likely they are to train with you. So ask real questions, and start to find out what they truly want to accomplish.

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2) Let them speak

After you ask a question, let them answer. Don’t interrupt or interject your two cents. Save the teaching and explaining for later.

This is the time when they are telling you why they want and need personal training. If you don’t let this part happen, you will have a hard time personalizing your plan of action at the end of the consult.

It’s hard to make the sale if you didn’t form an emotional connection to why they truly need your guidance. Which leads into the next point.

3) Help them sell themselves on your service

When you ask the right questions, you are encouraging them to explain why they need personal training.

When they describe their past obstacles and pain points, your potential client is telling you exactly why they need your help.

Now you just have to show them you are the solution to those specific problems.

Accomplishing these three key aspects will do wonders for your closing rate on initial consultations.

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A Personal Approach

Remember to tie everything back into their goals. This is critical to the success of every one of your personal training evaluations.

Reassuring them that you understand what they want to accomplish, and showing your commitment to helping them get there is essential.

When you are able to connect, show your expertise, and build rapport effectively, your client base will start to fill up faster than you ever imagined.

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Adam McCluskey

Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer